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A graphic designer who does more than table based layouts!

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Andrew Wahlenmaier vs. Designers & Developers

When having a web site created, companies and individuals are faced with a dilemma; "Do I use a web designer or a web developer and what is the difference?"

I’ll start with the former part of the question: A web designer does exactly that – designs. Using programs like Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks or Illustrator, a web designer can create a visually stunning piece of art. But many web designers go too far and begin adding slices to their work and export the whole thing to a hideous, byte loving, table based HTML file – and this process is repeated for every page of a site, forcing any potential viewer to wait for each page to re-download the same image content they just saw on the previous page. It might look good, but it’s not user friendly and usually, viewers leave the site.

The alternative to web designers are web developers – you guessed it, these guys and gals develop sites through various markup languages. Most developers specialize in either frontend or backend languages (frontend or client-side scripting: XHTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript, etc. – backend or server-side scripting: PHP, .NET, Perl, Ruby, databases, etc.). While a developer can create a faster loading, clean, search engine optimized web site, the problem becomes the lack of creativity in the design. Many developers creative imagination extends no further than a site template they created and used for 20 customers before you and fails to visually communicate who or what your company is.

Having to choose one over the other is an unfair position for a client; why should you be forced to settle for one or the other? That’s where I come in.

The web changes faster than you can browse it and fortunately, I have been keeping pace over the past 24 years. I began as one of those typical web designers and quickly realized that designing for web sites is very different from designing for print and if I ever wanted to be good at it I needed to learn the best practices for the World Wide Web while not sacrificing the creative element that makes me a great designer. My expertise include all Adobe print and web applications as well as XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ASP, PHP, SQL, and any current technology I'm learning or improving upon - which I'm always doing.

If a web site I create is informative, easy to use and navigate, and is visually stunning, then I have successfully represented my client on the internet.