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Skills & Talents

Who am I? I guess, therefore I am.

Andrew Wahlenmaier.

That was easy…maybe that wasn't such a good question after all.

What it is that I do

Print design, web design & developing, multimedia design and photography.

Where I'm doing it...hehehe!

Usually from my home office in Columbus, Ohio where I keep my state-of-the-art computer thingy.

Why I do it

Because the world needs someone to help rid the universe of bad design! Can you smell it?! That's the sweet smell of victory over the vile stench of EVIL!!!

I appologize for that, “The Tick” was my motivational influence as a teenager…SPOON!!!

How I do it

With a solid background in design, advertising, marketing, business to business communications, web standards and the most current and proficent programs.

If you have any questions please contact me and thanks for visiting.